Life can feel really tough  at times.

Sometimes our emotions can  be  heightened, and it can be a struggle to cope on a daily basis for so many reasons.

You may be suffering with  anxiety and depression, issues relating to  bereavement and loss,  relationship difficulties.  Fear, anger and a sense of vulnerability  are all but a few of the feelings we can be  experiencing.  They are all normal and understandable, though very challenging to deal with.

Sometimes we simply just feel sadness.

If life is weighing you down and you feel you need some support, we can talk things through together.

Whatever issues you are finding difficult to cope with, we will work through them in a safe, trusting, non-judgemental, confidential space.

We will unravel what is going on for you by exploring your thoughts and feelings; maybe make some decisions, enabling positive change-whatever this all looks like for you.

Sharon Nolan
Qualified Counsellor

I recognise it can be really challenging to know where to start when we feel low, sad, anxious,  confused or in a state of hopelessness. Talking can really help us to feel understood, less isolated and alone with our problems. 

When you reach out to me we will start off by scheduling a free initial consultation and take things from there. This time will give you the opportunity to tell me a little bit about yourself and what you are hoping to gain from therapy.

I am here to support you along your journey, whatever you hope to achieve.

Areas Of Expertise

A great deal of my work has previously been with Bereavement and issues of attachment and loss.

I have a wide range  of experience working with  client’s on a daily basis who are in crisis, feeling anxious, depressed and overwhelmed with life.

I work with people who are having  struggles with low self-esteem, self-worth,  and general feelings of sadness. More recently I have gained extensive knowledge working with clients who are facing cancer,  and all that can bring.

I have a wealth of knowledge and experience working with clients with relationship difficulties, and an area I have widely worked in is with adopted adults wishing to explore the circumstances surrounding their adoption.  This includes anyone who is touched by issues relating to the world of adoption.